mandag den 11. august 2014

Copycat Cooking ep 12: apple sandwiches with date caramel + almond butter

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Time to make this: 30 minutes

Hello fellow blogger friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. Denmark is starting to get into the fall season already... But it does't matter, i love fall!

Celebrating Autumn, i decided to make this yummy caramel apple sandwich. I really am missing gluten, so i thought i should find a gluten free sandwich recipe, and i found this one!

I was so excited to make this, because Emily's recipe looked so good! But i didn't want to make mine with too much fat so i doubled the caramel, and made my own almond butter. To make the butter, i just blended soaked almonds with water and some vegan butter.

Also i didn't blend the caramel since mine isn't strong enough, i just used a fork to mash it.

When i was done, i was super excited to try it, and OMG it tasted like HEAVEN!
The almond butter tasted like whipped cream.
I definitely recommend this recipe to you guys.
Check Emily's recipe bellow...

Thanks for reading!

This is Emily's recipe
Check her recipe out HERE!

søndag den 3. august 2014

Copycat Cooking ep 11: Vegan pavlova

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Time to make this: 15 minutes

Hello fellow blogger friends!

I have always loved Pavlova, ever since my mom made it 5 years ago. But since i'm vegan now, i haven't had it for a very long time.

I really wanted to buy vegan meringue but we couldn't find any here in Denmark. Maybe i'll make some in the future.

I used soy whipped cream for me and rice whipped cream for mom, since she's allergic to soy.

While i was mixing the whipped cream i added a bit of sugar and vanilla powder to add more taste.

I also decided to sprinkle some dark chocolate on top, which i didn't enjoy that much. Next time i won't be adding the chocolate. 

I loved the taste of the berries and cream, but it was a bit underwhelming. So i would recommend buying of making some meringue, since it will taste a lot better!

Thanks for reading!


Did not get inspired by this recipe.

lørdag den 26. juli 2014

Copycat Cooking ep 10: buffalo chickpea nuggets

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Hello fellow blogger friends!

So a few weeks ago, i was craving sweet sauce so much! I know right, weird craving... But i couldn't help it. I really wanted it, even though my tummy doesn't react very well when i eat a lot of it.

So i researched on Pinterest and saw this yummy picture Allyson from of these nuggets. I fell in love! Looked so yummy i decided to make some. And since i was craving sweet sauce, this recipe was perfect. 

I did not use an oven to make these, since we are trying not to use too much heat, to save money & the planet. I decided to "fry" them instead. I didn't really fry them, i just heated them on the stove.

So since i didn't pour the sauce on top, i decided to just heat the sauce and then when the nuggets were done i poured the sauce on top.

Instead on using chick'n flavored bouillon i used veggie bouillon instead.

Also, i didn't have different rice varieties, so i only used basmati rice. 

The sauce was amazingly yummy! And this recipe was so easy and so much fun to make. My cravings were definitely satisfied.

The only problem i had with this recipe was that the sauce was a little high in fat. So my tummy did hurt the next day. If i make this again, i might not add the vegan butter. 

I hope you guys try this recipe out!
Thanks for reading!

vegan buffalo chickn wings gluten-free by Allyson Kramer-Manifest Vegan
This is Allyson's recipe!
Check her recipe out HERE!

tirsdag den 8. juli 2014

Copycat Cooking ep 9: DIY Shaved Ice

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Hello fellow blogger friends!

I got this easy, fun, cheap & healthy recipe for you guys, perfect for summer time!
So i have started to watch StilaBabe09 on Youtube recently, and i adore her channel. I love the way she edits and films her videos too. It's always fun and bright. 
Anyways, so i watched her "Healthy Snacks for Spring/Summer: DIY Shaved Ice, Green Juice, & more!"
video, and i loved the shaved ice. 

So i decided to try it out. I din't use honey like Meredith did, i used maple syrup instead, to make it vegan.

I left the mixture overnight in the freezer, and the next day when i tasted it, i was so surprised on how yummy it was. It was amazingly good! Way better than the fake shaved ice you can get from the grocery store, which are filled with chemicals and coloring. This is the perfect dessert for the summer time, and it's guilt free!

So i definitely recommend this recipe to you guys!
And check out Meredith, she has some amazing DIY videos.

Thanks for reading guys,


This is Meredith's recipe!
Check her recipe out HERE!

søndag den 22. juni 2014

Copycat Cooking ep 8: Zucchini Pasta with Avocado Pesto

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Hello fellow blogger friends!

I got a pretty cool recipe to show you guys today. Since i went gluten free due to gluten sensitivities, i haven't eaten pasta. And i miss it a lot, especially since it was my favorite food. We occasionally buy gluten free pasta, but it's just so expensive... 

So this recipe is perfect for all you pasta lovers out there. But i will have to warn you, this recipe is pretty high in fat. I'm pretty sensitive to fat, so i did get a reaction to this recipe the day later. Tummy aches and eczema. So if you are sensitive to fats i advice you don't add the pine nuts or sun dried tomatoes. A bit of fat is okay, so keep the avocado in.

The reason my zucchini pasta is a bit wide, is because i don't have a julienne peeler. I only used a normal peeler, which is fine too.

I decided to triple the recipe, since my mom was convinced this would be a yummy one. I just didn't realize it was so high in fat, so i wasn't able to eat more than one meal. But it was a yummy meal. I really did love it, so it was really too bad i couldn't eat more.

While i was peeling the zucchini i realized the juice makes your skin super dry. Wondered if it would be a good face mask...

I tried the pine nuts before i added it to the salad, and it tastes like soap... haha. but once i mixed it with the other ingredients, it was nice.

Other than the fact that i had tummy aches the next day from this recipe, i really did like it. It was so yummy and it actually had a hint of chicken in it.

Try this recipe out guys! So good!
Thanks for reading!

Zucchini Pesto
This is Andrew's recipe!
Check his recipe out HERE! 

søndag den 1. juni 2014

Copycat Cooking ep 7: Strawberry almond chocolate chip scones

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Hello fellow blogger friends!

So i made scones for the first time. I made these a few weeks ago for my mom, since it was mother's day.
She loves scones and chocolate so this is perfect. And i used to love the chocolate scones in 7/11, but since i went vegan and especially gluten free my scones cravings haven't gotten satisfied. 

So now i decided to make vegan, gluten free and stove scones! I saw this recipe on Pinterest from Katie ( VeggieAndTheBeast ), and i fell in love. Her recipe isn't gluten free though. 

I was so excited to make these. But also nervous, since i was making gluten free scones.

Before i went grocery shopping for this recipe i already decided to double the recipe. We finish desserts so fast in out household, haha...

It took me 2 hours and 30 minutes to make these yummy scones, but definitely worth it!

These are perfect to make for your mom or for valentines day. They definitely have a romantic feel to them.

I used rice milk, since almond milk is a little bit too expensive.

I also didn't use apple cider vinegar, i used regular vinegar instead. A lot cheaper.

Finally we have found the best gluten free flour here in Denmark, which is what i used for this recipe. Gluten free products are finally arriving in this little country.

I used a bit more sugar to make it sweeter. I used 2 cups of sugar. I love sugar!

Didn't use almond extract. Mom told me it's fake, and i don't want to eat fake food! I used more almonds instead.

While i was cooking, the whole kitchen started to smell so good! Smelled like strawberries and honey.

So instead of putting them in the oven i decided to bake them in a pan. And i did flip them just like pancakes. They turned out great! And you can't even taste that they are gluten free.
So much fun to decorate as well.

Definitely recommend this recipe to you guys. It's amazing!!!

Perfect for school lunch or for a picnic.

My mom loved these too. 

Thank you so much for reading. I have been loving this new series.

This is Katie's recipe!
Check her recipe out HERE!

lørdag den 17. maj 2014

Copycat Cooking ep 6: Secret Beefless Finger Licking Stew

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Hello fellow blogger friends! 

I absolutely love this recipe, perfect for dinner time. It is super filling too! It took me a while to cook it (2 hours), but it was worth it. 

The recipe said to use meatless pieces, but since i could find any at the grocery store i just used fallafel balls instead. But if you are using fallafel too, add it once the stew is almost done, so it doesn't get mushy.

I also used yellow onions instead of white ones. I do not like to chop onions. And i have tried all of the tricks to stop my eyes from hurting. I've tried chewing gum, breathing through my mouth instead of my nose (works sometimes), but it always hurts! Maybe i should try those onion chopping glasses...

Also i didn't want to use wine, since i don't like alcohol so i just used water instead. I was going to use unsweetened grape juice but my grocery store didn't have any.

I LOVE the sauce, super yummy. I think it would work for pasta too.

This recipe is perfect with rice too!

Thanks for reading!

This is Miriam's recipe!
Check her recipe out HERE!